MOVE IT’s Dance Trends PR day!

On the 21st January the MOVE IT team ventured down to Pineapple Studios to hold a Dance Trends PR event, where we invited members of the press to have a brief taster of classes and dance styles on offer at MOVE IT 2014. Three styles were chosen to feature at this event which included Ballet Sculpt, Acoustic Tap and Commercial Jazz.

AJ O’Neill from Move PopUp Gym gave a snippet into how to work your body on the Ballet Barre through the use of pliés and other classic Ballet and Pilates techniques.

Acoustic Tap became our next trend where Kane D. Ricca from The Pulse Collective (presented by Beautiful Movements) started off with a foot tapping jam to give the press a sense of how you do not even need to own tap shoes to participate. Members of the p ress were ready up to join in on this acoustic tap demonstration taking turns to learn the basics to forming a pulse using both hands and feet.

Last but not least, Poison’s Christabelle Field introduced us to Commercial Jazz. Christabelle brought along the Poison ladies to give gave us all an early morning wakeup call with a Commercial choreographic extravaganza, which can be seen on Christabelle taught choreography to Beyoncé’s ‘Grown Woman’ where the press had the opportunity to release their inner pop star, flipping their hair and rolling their bodies.

Dean McCullough (our Showcase Theatre Host) presented this press morning giving Q&A’s from each of the dance trend teachers. We even caught Dean displaying his ‘Fierceness’ during the Commercial Jazz class flipping his hair and striking a pose.

You can find our DANCE TRENDS video at:

T-Love x