Thoughts on the Super Bowl XLIX | Half Time Show

Seriously…where on earth I do start?

For as long as I can remember, it has been a tradition of mine to watch the Super Bowl regardless of the time difference or how much or how little you know about the game itself. For me the one thing to look forward too is the wings and dips…just kidding, I mean of course the half time show extravaganza!

It is honestly my thing to look forward to the big production performances from the superstars of my childhood and I say superstars because the line ups are always more than just your average artists. They are not under the same bracket of the ‘stars’ that I used to dance around too in my living room whilst watching Top of the Pops, oh no, these are the performers who put all of their rehearsals, time and energy into putting on a show and I LIVE for those!

As a kid, admittedly I used to record music videos, replay the dances and learn the routines…everyone must be guilty of this too right? I still do this too, no shame in this at all, but nowadays it is all YouTube orientated which is pretty whack. I’m not in it for all the views or the 3 second ads, seriously do not get me started on the buffering! I truly appreciate choreographers creative work, and I do think it is incredible when a 30 second clip goes viral and individual dancers get the recognition they deserve which leads onto amazing opportunities but I enjoy learning a routine, a step, a phrase, a god damn tutorial that I can then just bust out in my living room, whilst watching a music channel whenever I want.

The real point is, is that the commercial scene nowadays is absolutely nothing compared to the good old days where a J-Lo, Usher or Janet Jackson routine SLAYED on events like the MTV Music Video Awards. I’m all up for a good concept video (which seem to be the new craze lately) by a well known dancer or choreographer who is slowly becoming YouTube famous.

Personally, I would rather see footage of you killing a class, passing on your energy to those who are there to learn from you and to see you teaching your trait rather than ‘glamming’ up for the sake of a 15 second Instagram post, advertising your video that is ‘coming soon’. I couldn’t think of anything worse than an extremely talented dancer stuck behind their computer screen spending late nights editing when they could be in a studio, training and cooking up a choreographic storm. Oh, I might just add – If anyone discovers a dancer, on a professional or non- professional dancers wage who can truly afford the photographer, the camera man, the extra dancers and the costumes to create their showreel or whatever then please do let me know!

Has anyone else noticed how if your concept video is slightly over a minute long the publics attention span lowers and they begin to skip your hard work and creativity to get to the good part at the end? ART gets lost if it is not convenient to the social media eye.

Now finally, in comes the highly anticipated 12 minute Super Bowl Half Time Show that literally never fails to deliver. We sit patiently waiting for over 2 hours of a game us British admittedly do not know too much about to watch the likes of Madonna, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars kill it to a worldwide audience.

This year round I’m no mass fan of Katy Perry, I appreciate the hard work she puts in to her videos, tours, interviews and so on, however I personally do not rate her voice as much as other superstars, sorry KP. Although I do admit she is up there in my good books as her choreographers always delivers for every performance of hers, which enables her productions to be on point. I mean, the mechanical golden robot lion entrance to ‘Roar’…come on now- just STOP IT! What a flipping genius creation from the arts department right there! Props to your props department KP!

After performing at the London Olympic Stadium for the 2012 Paralympic Opening Ceremony, I understand how much thought, preparation and organisation had been placed into the creation of KP’s half time show and it suited her personality fabulously. I honestly think this is the first performance where I have even heard so much talk about the costume choices too. Imagine being a professional dancer, who has trained for the majority of their life, to then be booked in to perform at the Super Bowl XLIX, the biggest booking of their lives. I am assuming they attended all the rehearsals WITHOUT PAYMENT and most likely turned up on time for all of these rehearsals may I add. To then get to the dress rehearsals to be handed a big fat shark costume and to your expense your face cannot even be seen. That must have been a bitter sweet moment for those guys. So a congratulations especially to those two sharks, surfboards, beach balls and palm tress, the entire world saw you doing your thing and we all secretly wondered who had been booked under those costumes. KP is known for her costumes and honeys you WERKED them just like your boss and her four outfit changes! Kudos to you all!

Finally, we can now just take a moment to talk about how a certain legends performance STOLE the show, and I do not mean Lenny Kravitz this time around, oh no, I am talking about the one, the only, Missy Elliott. I think it is safe to say that the majority of the world in sync just went ‘WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA’ as she stepped onto the stadium floor as the kids from the 90’s could not contain their excitement, just like a child on Christmas Eve.

Three snippets of her phenomenal and classic songs, were all Missy had over a two and a half minute slot during a quick-ish change from KP into a dress and harness to close the half time show. Those minutes flew by and my god did Missy nail it. We had professional dancers as young as 10 accompany her performance to choreography created by popular Pulse on Tour faculty member, Tricia Miranda. It was just an overall OUTSTANDING performance to see such a young, current and up and coming choreographer like Tricia, be blessed with such a huge booking to date. Tricia has been nailing her YouTube audiences and sell out LA based masterclasses as her creative work has recently gone viral. Whether you have noticed her class videos on your social media feeds to Nicki Minaj’s’ ‘Anaconda’ and so on then by all means you would have noticed this choreography at the Super Bowl had Tricia’s name all over it. The combination from Tricia and Missy blended together beautifully.

Missy on the other hand took us back, not necessarily to church, but she took us back to true old school hip hop, the 90’s, the Adidas track suit wearing mufty days. Where singing along to gossip folks and imagining we were lucky enough to be Alyson Stoner, 6 -stepping like we had had years of break dancing training back. Missy rocked the show and we welcomed her back with both arms. She looked fabulous, sounded fabulous and her overall performance was just on point.

I like the rest of the world loved this come back and thank KP for allowing Missy to have the opportunity she deserved to create a ‘comeback’. The Super Bowl XLIX Half time show presented true showmanship from Lenny, Missy and of course KP. I genuinely cannot wait for the next Missy fix for when she takes herself out from producing in the studio, maybe a Missy tour is on the cards? We can only hope.

T-Love x