Purpose: The Movement

It’s not very often you see an artist completely remove themselves from music videos to focus solely on dance. We’ve seen it fairly recently from Sia, Ed Sheeran and way back when Beyoncé dropped her visual album back in 2013, but Justin Bieber has literally changed the game with Purpose: The Movement. For an artist to place all their faith into one choreographer and for them to then share the creativity with so many others is just incredible. So hat’s off to you Parris Goebel, Scooter Braun and Biebs, you’ve changed the dance scene.

When watching each individual video for Purpose: The Movement, I have really appreciated the created concept by Bieber and the credit which has been given to every single person involved in these videos. If you look on YouTube you will see every single professional dancers names have been listed in the bio’s and not just given a quick plug to check out their Twitter or Instagram pages after the end of each choreographic piece.  Worldwide artists’ need to address their featured dancers correctly, as I am positive this would increase a dancers representation when booking onto future professional works. Agents wouldn’t then be questioning your CV’s or credits before submitting you to a job like ‘ohhhh you’re actually that guy…from that video…with that artist…yeah I remember you…I’ve seen your work’.

Acknowledgment to these featured professional dancers has had a huge impact to the dance community since the release of Purpose: The Movement. Choreographer, Parris Goebel in particular has been featured on social media feeds daily as the general public begin to recognise her previous or current work with the Royal Family, ReQuest Crew and her performances at HHI and World of Dance. Whilst the modern day Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers – married couple Keone and Mariel Madrid has truly warmed everybodies hearts with their beautiful duet to ‘Love Yourself’. If you are not familiar with these two then I highly recommend watching ‘Latch’ or ‘Time for Love’.

Over the past 2 years, Soar UK and Dance Adventures have both included a selection of featured dancers within the Purpose: The Movement videos as core faculty to their dance camps/intensives. The UK dance community has really been provided with high intense training by a number of these dance professionals and participants have really appreciated the benefits.

At the age of 21, Emma Portner is in her prime for making an impact to the contemporary dance scene, and as founder for Flock’dance, she is an up and coming artist you will want to keep an eye on for when your next browsing to attend at the latest intensive/camp or workshop. Her teaching skills and fluidity in movement is like no other i’ve seen after studying Contemporary for 3 years at University. She recently posted a tweet in regards to teaching that has stuck with me for days-

‘If you’re given the privilege to teach…you better teach the best damn class that you possibly can. The platform to impact is privilege’.

I’ll just let you allow those words of wisdom to sink in a little…

Featuring in Bieber’s’Life is Worth Living’ and at the age of 21, Portner is in her absolute prime for making such a huge impact to the Contemporary dance scene. The thing that I love in this particular video is that she hasn’t changed her ways for who she has been booked to dance for, she just dances as her and it is a beautiful thing to witness. I’ve heard through the grapevine she is hosting an incredible weekend intensive in the UK in Feb for Dance Adventure’s – be there.

Parris Goebel, returned to Soar UK’s HDI Summer Dance Camp in 2015 and blew every bodies socks off with her class combos and then slayed a cheeky collaboration with the ‘I’ll Show You’ dancer’s, Tony Tzar and CJ Salvador. If you’ve seen the footage of Tony’s class to ‘Don’t’ you’ll know exactly what I mean and if you haven’t stop reading this, get onto YouTube, watch the clip and then come back to me. Once you’ve seen this I think you’ll agree all the Bieber fan girls will be screaming after Mr Salvador once they see him move during the Purpose tour. Okay I’ll be nice – the link is righttttttt here – Tony Tzar’s class at HDI Dance Camp 2015 watch it now…go go go!

Not only has Tony received great recognition from Bieber but has been right by Missy Elliott’s side whilst she makes her come back to the music industry by featuring in the WTF music video with Pharrell.  With constant re-posts from Missy on social media of her WTF rehearsals, it is great to see Tony killing it alongside previous HDI faculty member, Sean Bankhead.

Both HDI Easter Camp faculty members Kyle Hanagami and Denzel Chilsom have too had involvement in Purpose: The Movement, as Hanagami assisted the Madrids for the ‘Love Yourself’ video, whilst Denzel featured next to CJ and Tony in ‘I’ll Show You’. You may have also seen that Kyle, Denzel AND Parris recently went back to the block with J-Lo for the opening of the 2015 American Music Awards. 

Bieber’s brought back HDI and The Pulse on Tour’s faculty member, Ian Eastwood for the ‘No Pressure’ video which also features previous World of Dance UK host – Megan Batoon. For anyone in the dance industry, I am sure it is such a massive compliment and achievement to feature in a video which includes your loved one. After seeing Ian feature in Bieber’s ‘Beauty and a Beat’ the Soar UK team cannot wait to see his work as the assistant choreographer on the Purpose tour.

I do find it amazing how all these dancers have been connected in and out of the Purpose: The Movement videos whether it be from a performance together, booking a tour or being a faculty member for a dance camp/intensive. Parris Goebel has casted these professionals beautifully in order to match the right dancers with the right lyrics or to the meaning behind Bieber’s songs.  It is great to see her share the creativity with so many inspiring people. I’m excited to see how the concept of dance videos will influence other music artists over the next year or so, maybe we’ll see more dancers touring without the major artist singing on centre stage?

 T-Love x x