When a dance performance comes around in full circle…

BBE at World of Dance UK in 2011-https://youtu.be/QKwLgJldNSc

Many years ago I remember not being able to go to a WOD UK event as I had to work overtime. I remember being so annoyed that I couldn’t make it as the event had so much support from the dancers I knew and it looked like it was going to be a big deal. It was also a dance event that I wasn’t too familar with from the other UK events I’d either heard of or been to, so I really wanted to check it out what all the hype was about.

At that particular stage in my life I’d been heading to as many dance classes in London and had been studying Boy Blue Entertainment in preparation for my dissertation- yep that’s right, I wrote about BBE for my third year dissertation and it was quite possibly one of the best things I could have ever done in regards to my journey with the dance industry.  I would happily share my findings with whoever would want to listen as I am still learning from the BBE members, especially Kenrick ‘H20’ Sandy to this day.

What I find ironic is how I ended up watching their WOD performance from 2011 over and over and over again. It really helped me to analyse BBE’s use of foundations and their choreographic choice’s or positionings for when I was researching for my dissertation topic – Exploring the differences between the foundation of hip-hop dance and televised commercial street dance’. This one video lead me to new routes I really had not expected and I’m so grateful for it.

Fast forwarding to 5 years on, I find it so crazy that I now work for WOD UK as the project assistant on the side of my full time 9-5. What I find funny is how from all the previous dance events I have ever worked/interned/volunteered for I have then found myself over the years booking both BBE and their individual members for numerous performances or masterclasses and continue to do so.

Most of you would not have even clocked this but before WOD UK 2015, Kenrick came to me one evening and said he’d decided to re-create his 2011 WOD piece for their showcase! I was obviously buzzing as thier 2011 set was the one I’d watched on repeat all those years ago. Only Kenrick would think to do something like that and I absolutely love him for it. I would of loved to have seen the rehearsal process as to how you would recreate something crafted previously and give it a whole new meaning when brought back to life.

Unfortunately the 2015 BBE performance is not currently on YouTube to compare with their 2011 set but here is Kenrick Sandy killing his judges solo at World of Dance UK 2015 instead-https://youtu.be/vuJ71GfOZDc

There is also so much in store for WOD UK 2016, I literally cannot wait until the 27th November!
So for now, thanks for being a part of my dance journey BBE 💙

It is honestly amazing where just one dance video or performance can take you…

Thanks for reading!