Q&A live streams are perfect for sharing dance industry insights! 

Oh my it has been a little while since I have written a dance blog!

So seeing as it ’tis the season to be jolly, eat and rest, I have had some much needed time to reflect on what’s been important this past year and what to look out for in the dance industry for 2017. I’ve got a few topics and areas I want to discuss more on but for now I thought I’d talk about live feeds. 

I’m sure like many others I/ we have witnessed or watched some great dance interviews or Q&A’s this year from Deja Vu’s soundcheck, Dancetribe’s YouTube interviews and SOAR UK’s HDI Q&A sessions with their faculty during their Easter and Summer camps. 

Now that social media has progressed even further these Q&A sessions are becoming way more accessible and filling dancers with more and more knowledge from the topics being discussed and shared. 

Maybe due to time differences it seems as though 7-8am GMT is a prime time to catch well known worldwide choreographers/teachers testing out a live stream on their personal Instagram or Facebook accounts. These are also great as it means you can watch these whilst getting ready for work/rehearsals or during your morning commute as you can just listen or if you do have that spare time you can get involved in the conversation too. 

Just this week we’ve seen sensei Tony Tzar return to social media and treat us all with a late night (early morning for us) freestyle followed by live Q&A’s with Hollywood, Kyle Hanagami and Gil Duldulao which have been so beneficial in many different ways.

The timing of these have literally all been perfect as there has been at least one live stream a day and many have been over an hour if you catch them at the right times. From these we have then seen dance students grab their notepads, to take vital notes on the advice and guidance given or we seen them involve themselves with the debates or topics to ask their own questions to gain that vital information they truly require. This must make these live streams really satisfying for both the teacher/choreographer and for the student too as it is guides the viewer to reach their goals within the dance industry and pushes them to take those life changing chances. For many these will be very inspirational. It’s also great as these are happening outside of dance classes and camps for more to view. 

Mykell Wilson stated on one of his instagram stories this week that ‘To say you have nothing is to say you have space for everything’. I think his words fitted in really nicely with all the choreographers overall answers as they reminded many of us that they too had to start from somewhere and worked extremely hard to get to where they are today.  

Success isn’t an over night thing so, by taking risks, moving areas or by working those three jobs initially these will eventually all pay off when provided with an opportunity that cannot be refused.   

I’m a strong believer that if you don’t ask you don’t get and those that can, do. Use these live feed Q&A opportunities to your advantage, ask questions that will benefit you/others and if your question does not get answered this time around ensure you take away the knowledge shared instead…it may relate to something along your path one day. 

Whilst we are on the subject of interviews, myself and Joel Tolhurst had a fantastic opportunity to carpool interview the very talented Creative Director- Brain Friedman which you can watch here: 


Thanks for reading! 



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