Guess what guys – it’s only 6 months to go until the BEST UK DANCE CAMP commences!
If you’ve thought about booking on but haven’t quite hit the ‘add to cart’ button just yet, here are 10 reasons as to why you should join us for some quality, fun and inspirational dance training!

1. Invest in YOURself

SOAR UK’s HDI Dance Camp team want to see YOUR progress in YOUR dance training. This is YOUR camp to help YOU and we are so excited to be a part of YOUR own personal dance journey, one small ‘two’ step at a time. 

2. The HDI Summer Dance Camp line up

Well what can we say, you may have heard that the one and only Frankie J is back alongside a number of INTERNATIONAL dance teachers including Kenzo Alvares, Ysabelle Capitulé and Tovaris Wilson. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media pages – @soaruk and @hdidancecamp for more faculty announcements to be released VERY SOON!

3. Dance, dance and more dance

HDI is the UK’s leading Dance Camp with the highest standard of teaching and education. One of the many positives is that you won’t just find yourself dancing in our 21 classes; we pride ourselves in having HDI battles, after parties and there are also plenty of opportunities to take extra master classes to enhance your training too.

4. Your fellow HDI campers

HDI Dance camps have seen years of friendships formed by students from all over the world. Their support for one another is like no other camps, whether this is on the dance floor or off. If you are thinking about joining us by yourself do not panic, as you will come out of this experience with friends for an absolute lifetime. Networking is key!

5. Quality Priced Accommodation!

We appreciate as dancers you can get tired after a long day of killing those lit classes and sometimes you might just want to take a moment to yourself and catch up with some Z’s. We offer single rooms over 7 nights with shower facilities, which of course include your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make sure you check out our HDI early bird prices before it’s too late!

6. HDI’s Showcase

With a super supportive audience this is your moment to take the floor. At the end of an amazing week we welcome you to sign up and share YOUR progress and passion for the last night of our fantastic week together. Whether you want to choreograph a piece, freestyle or partner up with a friend you met on Monday we want you take to the stage and leave us wanting more!

7. HDI’s outstanding faculty

HDI’s faculty are carefully selected each year to ensure you have a versatile timetable. We’ve seen incredible teachers in the past who have worked with the likes of Justin Bieber, Beyoncé and Missy Elliott. We will continue to bring in some of the worlds best international choreographers for UK and European dancers to learn and grow.

8. Questions and Answers

Ever wanted to converse with your favourite choreographer, ask for feedback or discuss industry experiences? Here at HDI we ensure you are given the opportunity to hear from the faculty during a Q&A session to enhance your learning so you can take on board vital information out of classes, which may help assist your dance journey and could lead you into new directions and paths.

9. HDI Opportunities

The rewards following HDI can sometimes be bigger than the journey you thought you were already on. Our HDI students have left camps joining leading UK dance agencies, booking commercials, TV shows and even worldwide tours! Here at HDI we also offer scholarships to our kids, commercial and summer camps.

10. Wondering where to train after HDI’s summer camp?

We’ve got plenty more in store for you during 2017 so head over to our social media pages for further news on our latest workshops, competitions, intensives and international dance camps including Australia and Singapore.


T-Love x




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