Changing your technique

I’ve spent the past few weeks selfishly investing in myself a little more in an attempt to break my usual weekly routine, in the hope that it would refresh my mind and I can successfully say I already feel 100 times better for it. I’ve reached out to new motivational books; different TV shows (Love Island obviously) and with some huge help from a very driven fitness friend I’ve even added a variety into my newly improved exercise routine.

After speaking with various dancers over the past few weeks, it seems I am not the only one looking to move out of the same old, same old and wanting to make those changes, especially on a professional basis.

So don’t be afraid to change your technique, your routine, and your goals. It’s okay to take someone else’s class who you wouldn’t usually try before. It’s okay to miss out on that catch up Nando’s if there is a late night rehearsal/master class or performance opportunity which has just popped up last minute and it is certainly okay to go to that audition with a suitcase full of quick sassy changes so you feel comfortable with the style and mood on the day if it is going to enhance your change of a big fat YES. Your journey has to begin somewhere.

Switch up your photographers for new headshots if you feel it will improve your casting opportunities. Do, do your research into those who are getting ‘booked and blessed’ to see who they are using, as there are a number of amazing photographers out there ready to work with you. The ‘booked and blessed’ are not your peers and would be more than willing to offer you amazing advice – if you don’t ask, you don’ get!

If your goal is to be a tour dancer, ask yourself this:

Are you studying tour dancers?

Have you taken classes with them lately?

Are you noticing them applying something to their body/performance in which you aren’t doing yourself which you could work on in future?

Do they have a strong relationship with one particular agent or multiple ones?

Have you studied the artist and choreographic team behind the scenes to enhance your knowledge on what the director might be looking for?

If the answer to the above is swaying more towards a no, jump into the performance based classes, which are on WEEKLY. Pull out of your comfort zone, pop any crucial advice down on a note pad and smash those auditions.

Remember, a no isn’t a no, it might just be a not right now. As Mykell Wilson recently said to me – ‘Learn the land, then take it’.